Why Transcend MiniCPAP

Great Reasons to Choose the Transcend miniCPAP

Innovative compact design
Small in size, but big in features, miniCPAP offers all of the performance of a larger, in-home device, but in a more convenient and user-friendly package.
Sleep comfortably - anywhere
Transcend miniCPAPs are small and lightweight! Stow them away in your briefcase, purse, or travel bag and sleep soundly wherever you go.
Industry-leading warranty

We back our incredible device with the industry's best warranty- 2 years. Sleep easy with confidence-inspiring warranty coverage.

FAA approved for comfortable travel
Many travelers find themselves dreading the idea of in-flight sleep, but Transcend miniCPAPs are FAA-approved for use during flight.
Nearly-silent operation

You can conveniently use your Transcend miniCPAPs anywhere without disrupting anyone around you - all thanks to the miniaturized design and sophisticated internals.


The recipient of the 2011 Medtrade Innovation Award, the 2011 Medtrade Provider’s Choice Award, and 2012 Best Practices Award for Product Differentiation in the Sleep Disordered Breathing Market.

About Transcend MiniCPAP

  • We're driven by the mission to deliver ground-breaking, lifestyle-focused sleep solutions that address the unmet needs of CPAP users.
  • First in the world to design a rugged, portable CPAP weighing less than one pound with lightweight portable batteries and power accessories.
  • First in the world and the only CPAP to offer a solar battery charger so you can get the good night’s sleep you need completely off the grid.
  • First in the world and the only CPAP to use patented Capillary Force Vaporizer™ (CFV) technology to deliver heated humidification in the world's smallest heated humidifier for CPAP.
  • First in the world to develop a CPAP and heated humidifier system designed to run on a portable battery.
  • Why do these firsts matter? Because firsts break the boundaries of convention to deliver something better.
  • We’re leading the portable CPAP therapy market to deliver sleep solutions that enhance your life.